Get a library card

Library cards are free to residents of Guilford Township, to students and teachers within the Plainfield Community School Corporation and St. Susanna Catholic School.
Residents outside of Guilford Township who would like a library card are required to purchase a Public Library Access Card, which entitles them to a library card from any public library in Indiana.  The fee for a PLAC is $50 annually.

To apply for a card (as a resident, non-resident or student/teacher) please bring in a current, government issued identification to the Information Desk. If you have recently moved to Guilford Township and have not updated the information on your ID, please also bring a utility bill, bank statement, lease agreement or some other document that will allow us to verify your residency.





Zinio: Get Magazines on Your Device or Computer

Love magazines? So do I! I tend to be a clutter-keeper, though, and thus have to limit what I subscribe to. Even now I can turn just to my right and see a stack of about 20 magazines I just can’t toss. Are you the same way? Another flaw feature of mine is that I have a ton of interests. If I could have my way I’d subscribe to about 15 magazines. First: who has that kind of money? But also, again, the space issue… I also tend to be an on-the-go type of person. I rarely find time to sit at home and read anymore, what with my job, my kids (and one on the way!) and my school. But I do often find myself on a lunch break or in a dentist’s office with nothing to read.

Thankfully, the library now offers a service that solves all of these problems for me, and I think you’ll enjoy it, too…..

Zinio is the library’s latest addition to our already-awesome collection of services. If you haven’t heard of it already, let me explain: Zinio provides access to tons of magazine subscriptions. The best part? Your library foots the bill! That’s right: now you can get tons of magazine subscriptions for free  right on your iPad/Nook/Kindle/computer screen/smartphone.

Ready to try it out? Here’s how!

  1. Click the Zinio button on the library’s homepage, *or* click the banner below to register, or visit
  2. Choose the magazines you’d like to read on your device (each title will open in a new tab or window; be sure to switch back to the library’s Zinio page)
  3. Register with the Zinio company (it’s easiest to just use the same information you used to register with the library’s Zinio page)
  4. Download the Zinio app on your device (it’s free!) or computer… find the list of apps that best suit you here:
  5. Start enjoying magazines on your device!

Enjoy your favorite magazines for free, courtesy of your library. Keep in mind that the paper copies we have available in the library are not going anywhere 🙂 This is just another way to enjoy magazines. Zinio is adding new titles all the time, so check back for new additions often!


The Hunger Games event at Rave!

Who’s excited about the seeing The Hunger Games this week? Personally, I am over the moon about watching the big screen adaptation of the book by Suzanne Collins. I was obsessed with the story when I first read the book and would discuss it at length to anyone who would listen. Would I volunteer as a tribute? My strategy if I were to participate in the Games? Peeta vs. Gale? You name it, I talked about it. Many years after reading the book, I’m still in love with the story. As we get closer to the movie release, it’s hard to find someone that hasn’t heard of the series. Are you planning to see the movie when it comes out on Friday, March, 23rd? If so, the library would like to sweeten the experience!

The Plainfield Public Library will have a table at Rave Motion Pictures in Plainfield on Friday, March 23rd. If you’re there to see the movie between 5-7pm, stop by the table and show your Plainfield library card. You’ll be entered in a drawing for the chance to win one of five different (and awesome) prizes! How cool is that? Good luck, and…

“May the odds be ever in your favor!”