Wireless Access

We have a wireless network available to the public so that people with mobile devices can connect to the Internet. Please be aware that this is a “hot-spot”–there is no security in place. Just as you can pick up a radio signal on any radio, someone who is “sniffing” the wireless signals here can pick up anything being transmitted. While this is unlikely to be happening, the library’s public wireless network is not the place to do your online banking. We do have filters in place to prevent a computer on the wireless network from attempting to access (hack) another computer on the same network.

Getting Connected

The library’s public wireless network will show up as PPLPUBLIC to a wireless network card. If you are using Windows XP, just click on the PPLPUBLIC network and then click on Connect. Windows XP will warn you that it is an unsecured network. If you are using any other operating system, you need to follow the directions for your network card. Library staff at the Adult/Young Adult Services and Information Desk may be able to provide limited assistance, but there are too many card manufacturers and versions of software available for us to be able to provide in-depth help.