Get a library card

Library cards are free to residents of Guilford Township, to students and teachers within the Plainfield Community School Corporation and St. Susanna Catholic School.
Residents outside of Guilford Township who would like a library card are required to purchase a Public Library Access Card, which entitles them to a library card from any public library in Indiana.  The fee for a PLAC is $50 annually.

To apply for a card (as a resident, non-resident or student/teacher) please bring in a current, government issued identification to the Information Desk. If you have recently moved to Guilford Township and have not updated the information on your ID, please also bring a utility bill, bank statement, lease agreement or some other document that will allow us to verify your residency.





Jerome the Gnome


Gnome Gerome

This is Jerome, the library gnome. He has been hiding around the Children’s Room this summer as part of the ‘Dig Into Reading’ theme. Kids who find Jerome tell a library staffer, then get a prize from the treasure chest. A lot of kids have found Jerome, even though he moves around every day. Sometimes it’s a very tricky search. Some kids come into the Children’s Room and look for Jerome before they do everything else, so Jerome has agreed to keep up the game until the end of August. Come see if you can find him!

July App of the Month: Shazam

Shazam lets you identify, discover, and explore music that’s around you. Whether you’re listening to a song on the radio, in a restaurant, or on TV, Shazam can identify the title and artist of the song with one tap. The app also links to the song’s YouTube video, information about the artist, and your device’s online music store for easy download.

Apple users, download it here!  
Android users, download it here!

how it works…

When you’ve come across a song that you’d like to identify, open the Shazam app and tap the button in the middle of the screen.

Shazam will identify the title and artist.

To explore more about the artist, scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Here you can find links to the song’s YouTube video, iTunes or Amazon MP3 store, lyrics, and more.
Once you’ve identified a song on Shazam, that title, along with the other titles you’ve identified, are stored for later review. To access these saved songs, or tags, tap on My Tags.

Shazam also has a social component. After signing in to your Facebook account, you’re able to see what songs and artists your friends are tagging.

Exploration ideas…

The Shazam app can be fun to use alone or with your friends.

Try these ideas:

  • While traveling on a road trip in the car as a passenger, try scanning the radio stations in the area every once in a while. Shazam songs you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Head to a local music show or concert and try Shazamming a live performance to see if the band’s or artists’ songs appear.
  • Watching a commercial and trying to pinpoint that song in the background? Shazam it!
  • Link your Shazam account to Facebook and encourage your friends to as well. Check and see what songs everyone is Shazamming. Are there any similarities? Try listening to what your friends have tagged to discover new music.
  • Shazam an artist you’re familiar with, and then try to guess what will show up in the “Artist’s popular songs” section. Check to see if you’re right!