True Crime: Serial Killers

My curiosity regarding serial killers began during my second semester at Marian College in 2004. I was taking a speech class and we all were given an assignment where we were to present an informational speech. I had recently read an article on a serial killer who had been captured in Asia that had both chilled and fascinated me. So, without much thought as to what I might discover, I signed up to research and present a speech on serial killers.

I began my research on serial killers on The website had an entire section just for serial killers and I went through page after page reading about the horrible deeds these people committed. After finding out about some of the more well-known serial killers, I searched for books at the library. I was thankful that the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library had a large true crime section. I checked out the book My Life Among the Serial Killers by Helen Morrison, M.D. The book is written by a forensic psychiatrist who interviewed and profiled more than eighty serial killers, all the way from John Wayne Gacy, to Ed Gein to Richard Macek. 

I was chilled by the stories I read, but also strangely pulled in. It was difficult for me to believe that we walk this earth with people who are capable of such horrible actions. After my speech I found myself continuing to read books and do research on serial killers. Last year I read Erik Laron’s Devil in the White City, a novel about the infamous serial killer H. H. Holmes who killed dozens of fairgoers during Chicago’s 1893 World Fair. Recently I read I, Monster by Tom Philbin. This book is by far the most unnerving book about serial killers I have read, as nearly all of it is pieces of writing from actual serial killers. At one point while reading the book I hid it in my car while I slept at night. It really shook me up.

Now, just to set the record straight: I read other things besides books about serial killers. I am a non-fiction fan, so true life stories are always calling my name. Several people know about my strange serial killer curiosity and joke about it with me. I am sure I am not the only person on this earth who finds this topic interesting.

Joanna amidst a favorite non-fiction subject of hers: true crime & serial killers

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