And the Winner Is…

You’ve all been wondering….

You decided to subscribe to follow the blog to receive awesome, funny, totally informative and cool news from your favorite library’s new blog, and well… the potential to win Panera Bread for a year was a great incentive, too. So who won?

Liddy is our bread-loving winner! She’s won a certificate to receive Panera Bread for an entire year.

But don’t be sad if you’re not Liddy. There’ll be plenty more opportunities to win things, plus you’ll be up-to-date with what’s going on in the library, and being able to communicate with us here isn’t bad, either. In fact, head to the library lobby tomorrow at 3:00pm and say the magic words “Be a Smart Cookie: READ!” to get a tub of Papa Murphy’s chocolate chip cookie dough while supplies last.

Congratulations, Liddy!!