All You Ever Wanted to Know About "The Tie Guy!"

Dave “The Tie Guy”

As anyone can tell, I like working at the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library. I have worked here for years, starting off as a page in high school and becoming a full time employee in 2004. When I started, the library had just been completely remodeled. Move forward a couple of years and once again, another remodel took place on the first floor. Yeah, the library has two levels to it; an upstairs and main floor.

The library has had some challenges: from a water leak, (which damaged our VHS tapes), to our old computer system malfunctioning during our Summer Reading Program (we could still check out items, but could not check in). Books began to pile up on unused shelves, in closets, on tables and even on the floor. It was a mess. When we eventually got our system up and running we had every department checking in the stacks. We provide the best service and resources for the community.

Our former director moved co-workers around and eventually merged departments. Circulation, Reference and Technical Services began to all help out at the customer service desk. This greatly improved our morale and friendship toward each other.

During the most recent remodel I worked crazy hours. The clock on my phone read 3:30 a.m., and the maintenance man and I were ready to call it a day after moving desks, checking to see that floor plugs were turned off, and breaking down desks. When the library opened up after being closed for two weeks the result was spectacular. Beautiful and stunning, the public greeted our new look with all-around excitement.

Sometimes people know me as “Dave, The Tie Guy”, because I collect unique neckties and wear them throughout the winter months. I have enough ties that I can go a couple of months without wearing the same necktie! A couple of years ago Donna, a co-worker, made a display of my ties and the name stuck.

I have to go for now, but I will be back with more news from the front line of the library!


Dave “The Tie Guy” Brinker

Currently in the Gallery…

Check out ‘Surreal Abstractions’ in acryclic and pen&ink by Michael Lipe. Michael’s artwork will be on display in our art gallery upstairs until March 3rd. A special closing reception will be held Saturday, march 3rd from 1:00 – 4:00pm in the gallery upstairs, so if you don’t get to enjoy the exhibit before then, feel free to drop in then! This is art you’ve gotta see in-person!

‘Michael is an artist, musician, author and graphic designer. He started drawing at an early age, but really came into his own in the early nineties while attending school at Indiana University (Bloomington Campus) “It was only after I could accurately draw reality that I could truly draw the surreal abstractions I can see in my mind” says Michael about his artwork. “I try to put the detail of realism into my works in abstract: Focusing heavily on depth and shadows. It is my hope that a viewer will be pleasantly surprised long after the initial appraisal of one of my pieces and see something with clarity that they’ve never seen before.” He categorizes his pieces as “Surreal Abstractions”. His work has an abstract face, but there is often a hint of reality weaved throughout.’